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Integrate People, Technology & Data

Human Centred Digital Transformation Strategy

Manage risk. Meet complex stakeholder needs. Preserve value chains. Ensure take up, adherence and loyalty. Avoid bias. Ensure privacy. Drive change.

Generate Data

  I need to know more about my users. Who are they, what do they want, what are they thinking, feeling and doing ?

Migrate Data

I need to move my user data in secure way that doesn’t disrupt the current user experience and/or drives the new one

Apply Data

  I have data. I need to make sense of data. I need teams to act on existing data insights. I need to automate data driven change.

Human / Machine

Operating System Software


RhizoMetrics TM Dual Cognitive AIs, UX DevOps Process and UX ML Frameworks supports data driven behavioural change by means of non invasive neuromodulation.

These tools and techniques evidence their own application and deliver explainable and configurable AI.

RhizoMetrics TM  underpin the development of a transparent, ethical and technical Human/Machine Operating System Software paradigm anchored on engineering decision making.

The eNudge Cognitive UX ML model for persuasion has never been applied due to the risk of exploitation.

A Patent is in the process of being registered. Further work is below


HM/OSS Applications

Professor Karen Cham has taken decades to develop the RhizoMetrics TM method. It was always intended to support the management of degrees of psychological impact of designed messages and their social outcomes.

 eNudge is a cognitive model of how an advertisement is constructed – and received. Current work involves a computer vision analytics application to manage the persuasive content of image streams in social media.

Further work is in developing this model to measure degrees of PET in the UX.

This would provide the opportunity for calibration of the user experience in terms of degrees of persuasion in order to inform regulatory futures

  • Engaging (allowed)
  • Persuasive (consent based)
  • Coercive (serious applications only e.g. stop smoking)
  • Addictive (banned)

This is increasingly important as emotional computing systems and services are already on the market.

Contact us to run PET analytics and build PET systems

Use Cases

Further applications for a RhizoMetric HM/OSS

"MiHeart", 4G Social Media Bot

Computer Vision ML API to automatically tag the behavioural inference of an image and its likely personal and social outcomes, “MiHeart”. Can also be used for any image based UGC that needs semantic parameters.Full design blueprint and PoC to TRL7

"MiWorld", 5G Smart City eCommerce

Mobile Edge personalisation and data protection for any PET deployment as part of a “Human Centred Network Slice” service integration chip set, for smart homes, transport and cities. Inytermediate design blueprint TRL4

"MiMind", 6G Enabled Untethered BCI 2 BCI

BCI 2 BCI communication framework that mitigates all wearable biometrics, accounts for PET content and cognitive and emotional data privacy. Core to full cognitive augmentation Initial design blueprints TRL3

Designing the Future


Society 5.0 is Japan’s concept of a technology-based, human-centered society, emerging through the fourth industrial revolution.

Artificial intelligence will transform big data collected through the Internet of Things into “new wisdom” and it will enhance human ability and expand our infinite possibilities, helping us enjoy more fulfilling lives.

“Professor Karen Cham is at the forefront of thinking and designing new future businesses and societies underpinned by technology advances”

Dr Matthew Smith

Business Development Director, Microsoft Research