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The 5th Industrial Revolution : where people and machines combine

Deloitte defines a digital enterprise as one that is “not only interconnected, but also communicates, analyzes and uses information to drive further intelligent action back in the physical world.”

By integrating cognitive neuroscience, advanced data analytics and AI, we can closely augment user decision making, driving strategic transformation at an individual, team or organisational level. 

Generate Data

  I need to know more about my users. Who are they, what do they want, what are they thinking and feeling ?

Migrate Data

I need to move my user data in a secure way that doesn’t disrupt the current user experience and/or drives the new one

Apply Data

   I have user data. I need to make sense of data. I need to put data insights to work. I need to automate data driven change.

Chief Design Scientist

Professor Karen Cham has over 25 years in human centred design for complex technical products, services and strategies. She is an internationally recognised expert in  digital transformation at scale.

Professor Cham has developed RhizoMetrics TM to productise her skill set, providing explainable, scalable and future proof ‘Deep UX’ methods, tools and techniques for engineering behaviour change.

Integrate human factors data as Machine Learning, / Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Process Automation into any current deployment as well as 5G edge, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain and NFTs for smart homes, cars and cities; wearables and  human augmentation.

” Karen is at the forefront of thinking and designing new future businesses and societies underpinned by technology advances”

Dr Matthew Smith, Business Development Director


ent Director

Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK


Design Thinking approach to problem definition delivered as Sprint 0



Human Centred, integrating stakeholders, legacies and policy


 Behavioural Data Models. Transformation & Augmentation Software

Dual Cognitive AI

RhizoMetrics TM is a parametric design method based on academic research. It is applied to engineering behaviour change through augmented intelligence.

RhizoMetrics TM builds upon the work of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate Professor Daniel Kahnneman. His ‘dual cognitive process’ is recognised as being core to decision making in behavioural economics.

RhizoMetrics TM Dual Cognitive AIs optimise software services to nudge user decision making in a transparent and explainable way. Read Professor Cham’s 2021 Distinguished Scholar Essay in UXPA Journal “Dual Cognitive UXD and Explainable AI”

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