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 What Is User Experience Design ?

 “UXD” is a research based agile software development process behind all the successful digital services you experience on a daily basis.
It is a combination of psychology, computing and design and often integrates machine learning to drive personalisation.

Chief Design Scientist

Professor Karen Cham has over 25 years in human centred UX for complex technical products, services and strategies. She is an internationally recognised expert in  human/machine convergence and driving behaviour change at scale.

She has worked across eCommerce, games, fashion, museums and galleries, eLearning, eHealth, FinTech, HR, leadership & development and public sector transformation…

Professor Cham has developed RhizoMetrics TM to productise her skill set, providing inclusive, scalable, engaging, ethical and future proof User Experience Design (UXD) methods, tools and techniques.

Integrate human factors data as Machine Learning, / Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Process Automation into any current deployment as well as 5G edge, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain and NFTs for smart homes, cars and cities; wearables and  human augmentation.

RhizoMetrics TM

Dual Cognitive AI Method

(In partnership and under licence only)
User Testing method for Dual Cognitive Process Automation in human / machine teaming scenarios. Migrate values, mitigate risk and evidence bias.

Dual Cognitive AI

RhizoMetrics TM is a proprietorial parametric UX Design method that integrates the work of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate Professor Daniel Kahnneman. His ‘dual cognitive process’ is recognised as being core to decision making in behavioural economics.

RhizoMetricsTM Dual Cognitive AIs optimise user experiences for decision making in specific applications. Read Karen’s 2021 Distinguished Scholar Essay in UXPA Journal :

RhizoMetrics TM

Dual Cognitive UX DevOps Process

(In partnership and under licence only)
UXD process for development of Dual Cognitive Process Automation in human / machine teaming scenarios. Migrate values, mitigate risk and evidence bias.

Cognitive UX Models


 Novel cognitive model design and build to capture the required performance metrics of the users and the system

Biometric Optimisation


 Integrated biometric testing inc. eye tracking, facial recognition, galvanic skin response, heart rate monitoring and EEG

Dual Cognitive Process Automation

Go live with real time personal, team and group insights to automate your digital transformation strategy

RhizoMetrics TM

Dual Cognitive UX ML Frameworks

(In partnership and under licence only)
UML Frameworks for Cognitive Process Automation in human / machine teaming scenarios. Migrate values, mitigate risk and evidence bias.

2020 eTraining

Cognitive UX Framework for immersive training, enabling automated reviews

2017 eWellness

Cognitive UX framework for fitness coaching  inc. wearable devices

2016 ePerformance

Cognitive UX framework for values based performance evaluation as enterprise API

2016 eLeadership

Cognitive UX framework for evaluating leadership potential as enterprise API

2015 eLearning

Cognitive UX framework for eLearning,  engineering critical thinking for rich LMS

2015 eNudge

The classic RhizoMetric Cognitive UX framework for Persuasion (Not for Sale. See R&D)

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” Karen is at the forefront of thinking and designing new future businesses and societies underpinned by technology advances”

Dr Matthew Smith

Business Development Director, Microsoft Research

“The training was great ! I am using what I have learnt all the time in my day to day work”

Dicken Doe

VP Insight Driven Enterprise, Cap Gemini Invent

“I have worked with Karen since 2013. Karen likes to dive into the unknown and leads clear strategic thinking with ease. She is both a great team member and fantastic ambassador, with clear thinking, strong opinions – lightly held – and boundless energy. She is also a great speaker and an inspirational leader with a lifelong commitment to user centred design and collaborative practice.”

Amanda Squires

Chief Customer Officer, sEuropean Innovation, Accenture

David Mitchell

Director of UXD, BBC

Designing the Future


Society 5.0 is Japan’s concept of a technology-based, human-centered society, emerging through the fourth industrial revolution.

Artificial intelligence will transform big data collected through the Internet of Things into “new wisdom” and it will enhance human ability and expand our infinite possibilities, helping us enjoy more fulfilling lives.

The Future Facing Choice

Find out more about our inclusive, scalable and future proof frameworks methodologies and techniques

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